Hi All!

I’m a bit new to this, but I spoke with Crowley and he said this was perfect. My birthday is shortly after CFT, and I would really like to celebrate my birthday at my first CFT, and furry event in general. I welcome all ideas on how to make this into a proper happening.

  • Davey

Thank you! I sent it off today.


Please no backseat modding, boxy. :slight_smile:

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Please no backseat modding, boxy. :)[/quote]

awwwww, come on, where is the fun in that? ;D

Thanks boxy for linking him to the right area, but lets also help him make this a birthday he will never forget!

I think some fun game would be great. Maybe stuff you would play at a kids party with with a furry twist on them. Like pin the tail on the fursuiter! what else would be fun?

I like that idea Koda! Furry twists on normal games… Fursuit twister? Need to also come up with games that non-fursuiters can play as well.

Well, considering there aren’t going to be many suiters (since this isn’t really a suit friendly event) I suggest we find games every one can play =)