Bewitching Fortunes - Theme Camp

Located in Red camp, fortune tellers from every part of the earth will come bewitch you with daring acts and perfomances!
8 pm to 11 pm (or however long you’re willing to stay to seek your fortune)
We have a troupe of lovely tellers, if you’d like to be read, or do some readings yourself, please come on by!

If you’re interested in participating PRIOR to camp, we have a telegram group you can join, or please, just post your ideas, wants, desires, anything in this thread!

Fortune tellers:
Pendulum: AstriusCatfox, Senoy
Tarot: DarthSerefina, RufusRyan, Lupibianchi
Palm Reader: simon2929
Funny Fortuners: citrusvision, acrowman
Engineers: notintruder, spoosty, Ysgramir, Mosscat
Coordinator: @dogchomp


It’s always good to have a medium at large!


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