Beerfest Ya?

Would drinking games be an appropriate event? If so, maybe someone has suggestions for games other than beer pong or quarters?

Chess with Shot glasses

I have a jenga game for drinking X3

Make the tower fall and you drink a whole half gallon of Southern Comfort?

I forget what the rules are exactly.

I’ll be playing a drinking game! I’ll be playing Fire Jenga with burning charcoal from a fire. If you knock over the tower, you have to drink a cup of everclear, even if it catches fire in the process.

Is this the most metal game ever? Y/N

Getting drunk as you lose: perfectly okay.
Giving the staff a buzzkill because someone needs hospitalization: not okay.

Let’s watch it with the “cup of everclear”, mmkay? :slight_smile:

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But you can only use your hands to move the charcoal of course. And the only way to win is to be the last person to go blind

Giving the staff a buzzkill because someone needs hospitalization: not okay.

This is why I didn’t know if a sanctioned drinking game would be allowed, but I guess the waiver solves that problem ;D

Liability does cover it. Mostly. At the same time, we still don’t want people to get hurt. XD

Jenga it is then!

whyyyy does this not happen more?
also. motha. fuckin. flip cup.

I’m going to attempt some thread necromancy here and suggest a few of my favorites.

Hammerschlagen: You hammer nails with a tiny hammer into a dead stump/log to make people drink. I’ll wait for staff approval before I start this game as there will probably be a few dozen nails left in some poor dead tree.

Ello Govna: Campfire memorization game that requires an intense amount of cooperation and focus but is really satisfying when it’s over.

I’m all for new and interesting drinking games; but you’re right, hammering nails is a no-go. :slight_smile: By all means, bring your best drinking games. I know there’s been Wisest Wizzard, and Edward 40-paws before.

My partner Intruder has a “Battleshots” board he made and brought last year, people can play against him!

Oh boi, can we play so that the winner gets to drink all the other person’s alcohol? It’ll level the playing field :stuck_out_tongue: