Bedding Woes (aka, anyone bringing electricity or have extra air matress?)

Okay, so I have some pretty bad joint problems, as well as a foot injury, and thus would make it kind of painful to sleep on the ground for the length of the campout. Normally not a problem as I have a good air mattress, however, I was looking it over and I realized doh! It has to be plugged in in order to blow up. x.x

So, I was wondering if anyone was planning on bring some sort of generator or other electrical set-up that they would be willing to let me use, or if anyone has an extra battery or pump activated air mattress they wouldn’t mind lending to me.

Thank you.

I do have an extra regular-height twin air mattress but I thought you needed the extra-high kind…if the regular one is okay you can certainly borrow mine, I’d make sure it doesn’t have any leaks first. I was also wondering about a power converter that plugs into the car, the cheapest I found was $10 but the prices vary so much that I have to assume there’s a reason for that and the cheapest one might not work…

I will be bringing a power inverter that you can plug into a car. Will that work?

It sure will! Awesome, thank you :smiley:

Nooooo problem :3