Beading Class

Okay I finally thought of something I could teach: peyote beadwork. I’ve never actually taught it before but I suppose I’ll do okay, lol. We will be making a lip balm cover with Alice in Wonderland characters to fit the event theme. I can put together some kits; the kit/class shouldn’t run participants more than $10 (but bring your own lip balm!). Hopefully at least a few people will be interested. :slight_smile: Here’s some images of the project I put together last night:

The pattern template is by Cecilia E Prado and the Alice characters were taken from a pattern by Sigrid Wynne-Evans.

Oh, looks like fun! :smiley:

Well I can’t afford to put together a whole lot of kits for something that people might not even be interested in, so I’ll be making no more than about 6. I hope that’s okay.

I think 6 sounds like a good amount.

I tend to be kind of clumsy when it comes to crafts, but I’d like to try this.

I hope some people decide to do it, it wasn’t cheap to buy the supplies. :wink: I’ll post up a list of supplies soon in case people want to bring their own.

Sorry to take so long…Okay I was only able to make 6 kits with what I have, and as I need to quit buying stuff so I can afford the gas for the trip I can’t buy more supllies. Unless people want to pre-order kits by Paypal, anyways. Otherwise the kits will be first come, first serve. I have to charge 10 bucks per kit to break even, it really did cost me $60 to make 6 kits. I will not be providing lip balm, be sure to bring some!

If you want to bring your own supplies, you will need DELICA beads, not seed beads. If you want to bring seed beads I can still teach you peyote stitch, but the project will not fit on a lip balm. You will need the following colors and amounts:

background of choice: 599+
background contrast: 120+
red: 62
light orange: 52
black: 90
flesh: 59
yellow: 27
blue: 50
white: 81

The pluses are because you may need to extend the pattern a few rows to fit your lip balm.

You will also need a beading needle and beading thread. Optional is a paint tray or a beading tray. Below is pictured a kit (3 have green background beads and 3 have purple). There is a needle taped to the pattern.