Bay area/NorCal carpool/caravan?

Hey all! Last year I drove up as part of a caravan. Makes me feel better about traveling than going alone, so was hoping some folks would be interested again. Open to car pooling possibly as well because gas is expensive.


I think I caravaned with you last year and would be willing to do so again this year. Though hopefully we can meet up this easier than we did last year. I would prefer to drive up along with another person/car for my own personal comfort, though I may not bbe able to do the ride down in a caravan.

Yeah we drove up with Sparky last year, but all drove back separate if I remember correctly. I come from the East Bay, so I usually go 580, 680, I-80, I-105 then I-5. Not sure where you start from but hopefully we can figure out a good meeting point/time.

i go the same path, not including the 580. I live near the 24/680 exchange. If you want to meet up nearer than we did last time just say where.

I actually don’t even remember where we met up last time except that it was a rest stop, could you jog my memory?

It was the first or second rest stop along the i-5, but if you want we could meet up earlier.

I’d be fine with meeting up earlier if you have somewhere in mind.

Hey guys,

I’m looking for a ride up from SF. I’m more than happy to contribute to gas, rental, food, and excellent conversation. If you’re interested shoot me an email at You can follow my shenanigans at @CaliCoyote on Twitter.

Hey y’all!

Scritch and I live in Klamath Falls, but are going up Wednesday around noon for setup. If anyone going to help with setup needs a place to stop for a minute on the way up from Cali, just hit us up.