Battle of the Brightest Round Two!

Oh… dear… god! This had to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen take place. This year the battle will be back and bigger then ever!

You bring: Boffers and junk clothes you don’t mind throwing away.

I give you: 200 rolls of packing tape, assorted foam odds and ends, some box cutters and 10,000 glowsticks.

We’ll split up into tribes with different glowstick colors, and use tape, foam bits and glowsticks to transform our junky clothing into totally badical glowing suits of armor and weapons. When midnight comes, we all gather in an empty field and have an all out war. Winning tribe gets bragging rights and some kinda prize.

Ideas? Improvements? Just want to help? Drop a line here or email me at

I can bring PVC pipe for making boffers. Maybe some tools and other materials as well if there is interest.

I would also like to see a daylight boffer battle.

Sounds interesting. I’m down to see what happens.

I think someone suggested this idea as an improvement:
Why don’t we do the Battle of the Brightest as an awesome ice breaker? =) Maybe do this event on the first or second night so we can each get to know each other’s awesomeness =D

And I will point out that my breast plates were epic.

We’re definitely planning to make it a centerpoint of sorts in things and tie it in with our theme again. Right now we’re hashing out some of the awards for it, but we’re planning a bunch of activities, instead of a massive one. Costume contest, boffer battle, dance contest, etc. It should be pretty fun. :slight_smile:

That was pretty much the most epic thing ever!
Count me in again! :smiley:

Flaming Spear! <3

I’m looking forward to this year’s BotB. :smiley:

Teams should be more evenly numbered this year xD
My team had three people xD