Awesome theme!

I’m quite new to the furry scene and I’m quite the ways from the outpost…but i want to stay proactive and hopefully attend in the future. At the least hang out on the forums and keep in contact with others. I’ll be sure to post any anthro/furry events ill be djing at and keep things up to date with everyone here.

Feel free to hit me about about music, furry questions, or any new events comming up! Thanks!

(Y) DJ Wildcard (Y)

Sup mister DJ! I’m a bit of a nerd myself about all of these things. I really do hope we have another dance or three planned this year like the last years. I talk to Smash a good amount and he fully intends to come out this year; he definitely has a PA system if you’re hoping to play for folks. I’ll also be bringing an fcc-compliant low power fm transmitter so we can do some broadcasts at the same time. The staff are all a bunch of strange but good folk and I hope you have a great time if you can make it!