Attending Burning Man?

As I attended CFT in 2014 I admit this has been one of my best furry camping experience to date. While I hope to attend CFT in the future I allow to reach out here with about another outdoor event taking place in your corner of the world, which is Burning Man.
Planning to attend this year’s event, will anyone attend )’( this year? While I am open to receive any advise (they have some great videos) I look forward hearing from local Burners.

Yay new burners! I’m gonna snoop on this post if you don’t mind, it’ll be my first year so I want to see what people think

Dante’s Infurno Room will be at burning man this year. Probably near camp fur. We are hard to miss, it is a full scale replica of Dante’s inferno room from the movie beetlejuice.

It will be run by Asunyra and myself. Expect a very sex positive raunchy vibe. It is a strip club after all.

Our camp is now full, so no you can’t camp with us. But feel free to don some slutty furry gear and join in on the fun. Look for a secret door to find the air conditioned chill lounge.

Thank you for the information, I may get in contact with you when I have additional questions planning Burning Man.

I will also go to bm this year. If you are interested in camp fur, you should contact one of us asap. It’s run by neon. I’m on telegram as amenophis. Or ask Lummox for my info.
Alternatively you can contact other camps like drinko, or non fur camps, or just do your own thing and be free from responsibilities.

It is a VERY dust place- extremely dry, hot during the day and extremely cold during the night… Always have a camel back- and a back pack to carry for for 24 hrs in case of a ‘white out’ take your bm map with you so you do not get lost. carry sunscreen. Goggles and dust mask a must- You can get easily lost- have a flashlight and batteries- carry 1ply tp and extra hand sanitizer (chap stick is amazing out there- and it helps the inside of your nostrils as well…). And of course an open mind- Do not always plan on things happening on time (they usually do) and just go on random ride abouts. Day and night are completely different experiences. try and always have a buddy with you- Start a random conversation with someone. :slight_smile: Go to the BRC post office and send some postcards! I do hope you all have a great burn this year! Come and stop on by I will be with M.A.S.H. 4207th camp in 404 Village Not Found- ask for Pe Low! :slight_smile: (I volunteer every year-Gate and DPW this year- so I may or may not be there!) if you have anymore questions- feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

I’ll be there! I’m with camp FUR and helping on-board new and returning members and building infrastructure. Give me a shout if anyone has any questions!

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