Attendance Question!

My boyfriend and I really wanna go to CT but we heard you HAVE to be there by a certain time on Thursday, looking over the website I couldn’t find anything that said that so I dunno if that’s true… my boyfriend can’t take Thursday off work so if we have to be there then we can’t go! ;^; if anyone can clear this up for us it would be awesome! Thank you!

Our gates open at noon on Thursday, but feel free to show up anytime after noon on Thursday. Thursday is the opening ceremony and a drum circle and a nice dinner, but you aren’t missing out on anything crucial if you miss it. If you’re going to plan to show up on Friday, head straight for con ops as soon as you arrive (located on the map on our About page.) and we’ll do our best to get you both situated and comfy!

The only real cutoff is registration. We have no onsite registration(just a camper check-in), so you’ll need to register online no later than July 18th!

I hope this info helps!

Oh thank you so much! ^^ <3

Scribabbles! I hope you guys make it! :smiley: