Art sale/exchange in my tent :)

im going to be bring my furry art collection (art drawn/created by others) for either sale, or for trade for either commisions or for another piece of art or furry related books. i have art from Blotch, WetSugar, ShinigamiGirl, and a couple other artists. i will also be taking badge commisions (will have a sign up sheet) but just be “forewarned”, although i used to be really great at furry art years ago (like10 years ago) i dont think my art is as good as it is, so i consider myself a beginner working my way back up to what i was. ive been told by others that my art is really good for somebody who hardly draws, but of course as the saying goes, “you’re your harshest critic”, but whatever. i will be charging 5 dollars per badge. but dont expect anything “amazing” since i am getting back into the swing of things :slight_smile: i want to become good again, and i think if i get a decent number (10) of requests, i could get back in the hang of it.

so look for Boxy’s and Ingavar Khao’s tent