Hi guys! Those of you that were there late last year might remember we had an art gathering over in our camp. I’d love to do this again this year, during the main event this time. My only issue is I have really limited supplies!

If anyone is willing to bring the following to contribute, I’d be really grateful! Quality doesn’t matter, in fact, sometimes cheap materials aid in the creative process! You don’t have to donate your supplies to me, you can take home anything that doesn’t get used. The idea is just to have materials that people can work with while they’re at camp :slight_smile:

-Paint (acrylic, tempra, latex housepaint)
-Brushes (big and small)
-Canvases or boards (anything people can paint on)
-Cardboard (large pieces) for maskmaking.

Thanks in advance and I can’t wait to see you all :slight_smile:

I may be able to get you a fair bit of cardboard, I will talk to the roommates about just saving our recycling until CFT. If I play my cards right I might also be able to get some from work as well, but I will do what I can!

Would it be useful if we bought extra of the paper we use to cover the outhouse walls?

Space permitting, I’ll bring a bunch of supplies with me to share!

I’ll see what I can find! I KNOW I have a box or three of unloved random art supplies just collecting dust, somewhere…

Oh man, I loved this last year! Looking forward to it! :smiley: