Art Jams =)

Last year it wasn’t really a scheduled event or happening, but art jams happened, and they were awesome =)
I was wondering if we could have a happening that was basically a massive art jam =) Everybody gets together and does art trades while jamming to the loud music on those huge speakers =D

I dunno, thought it’d be a fun idea :3

id like this idea, but i think it should be in a seperate area from the people who are actually doing commissions, just to make it easier for people. i didnt even know people were doing art trades last year…but again wasnt really looking either. but if the people who are doing commissions and people who are doing trades are seperated, it would be easier. plus i would think that if it were seperated as such, the people who are doing commissions would actually get more commissions. have like a section for like people who are only doing commissions, a spot for people who are doing only trades, and a section for people who are willing to do both.

idk…its just an idea

It seems like it’d be a whole lot simpler to just have it done all in one place. If you’re interested in buying a commission from a certain artist, you could just ask.
If we had a tent and had art tables set up like at hotel cons then artists can display signs and what not stating what they have available.

that would probably be better, maybe have like little “placement” cards with the artist name on it, and then have them put a sticker on their card if they are willing to do trades, another for commissions, could get some stickers cheap at the dollar tree or where ever

I agree with Mara, it’s simpler to keep the art gathering in one area and just post up signs. That’s pretty much what I did whenever I joined the art jam, I had a little sign for the one type of commission I was offering and stood it up with my hat while I sketched. I had no problem getting commissions with just that simple display.

We will be setting up a Art related tent for people to jam, do commission’s and what not. If Someone wants to bring there own tent or table and set up a booth to sell stuff they are more then welcome to! Thats the great thing about the sandbox, its pretty much open to put up what ever you want.

Sounds great Koda =)