Art Jam Planning!

So, I’m not really good at running things, but I think it’d be awesome if we could have a fun painting art jam like we have in years past! Do we have any plans for this yet?

I have about a dozen lower-quality canvases that I am looking to get rid of and some brushes that could be used, as well as a few tubes of paint. Does anyone else have paint or other materials that they could contribute?

What day would we like to do this? I am not sure how jam-packed the schedule is. Location would probably be at loud/burner camp.

Help me get rid of these art supplies!

I would love to do this again! Or really just have time to sit and art with people! What do you need? I’ll see if I can dig some things up to bring.

Friday and Sunday are great! But, it’s up to you!

Whatever you think would be fun and you don’t mind other people using! Scrap wood, paints, more brushes. :3

I have a bunch of acrylic paint I’m not using. I’ll bring it out!

I have acrylic paint too & wood cutouts I can bring! I also have some dye & white fabric and know how to do a batik style dying method using glue if anyone was interested!

I’ll bring a box of little-used paints and such, too… I’m also happy to have people use my sheltered monkey hut area for art jamming purposes on a ‘whenever’ basis, no scheduling needed. If all goes according to plan, it should have regular lights as well as blacklights! Everybody, bring fluorescent media too (highlighters, paints, whatever)!