Art/book/furry stuff(suits,tails,etc) sale/exchange

I would like to suggest having like either a seperate tent, or even just having people have it in their own tent/camp area. I think i was the only person last con that had any art or fur suit stuff for sale/exchange.

I’ll be interested in dropping by

the good thing about this one is that it wont be “restricted” to the art tent where the people doing commissions are working. I’m sure there are others have “overstock” of either art they have drawn, or art they have aquired from other, fursuit pieces/full suit commissions (premade paws/tails/ears,etc), or furry comics/books. so if there are any other people who would like to “host” their own sale/exchange at their tent, im sure the staff would be “okay” with that (if not, staff please comment so i know). last year i traded a tail for a commission badge for my mate.

Hosting a sale at your camp is not acceptable grounds for a Happening, please see the FAQ. So long as the sales are happening in the sandbox and not where people are camping that’s fine, otherwise this thread does not belong here and belongs in the gear exchange subforum. Please let me know.

To reiterate:

[ul][li]Sale/event/show in sandbox=Happening. Can have own tent, construct, etc or use our limited facilities. [/li]
[li]Something not happening in The Sandbox=/=Happening, including security, scheduling and liability coverage.[/li][/ul]

This subforum is a placeholder for discussing a/your Happening until the new website along with it’s upgrades goes live in January. This subforum is generally no longer a place for planning out a Happening on the fly, as it was last year and didn’t work. The attendees spoke out and we’re responding with an upcoming more clear method of planning/maintaining your Happening. To promote ideas, please see the ‘what you want to see’ thread. To actually start the process of putting together a Happening, please review the thread Koda put up for applying to run a Happening. Thanks!

that part wasnt there last year(2010 con), and was added about ten minutes after you posted your comment on here, therefore i didnt know that. i just assumed that, since there wasnt any other indications other than the edit to the happening ■■■■■■■■■■ thing after the fact, that everything would be the same as last year.

Hosting a sale at your camp not being a Happening has always been part of the FAQ since its inception in 2010. Being an insured event, we can only regulate and promote events held within a defined space. To not have a self-run event in the sandbox would be to forfeit liability. Do so at your own discretion.

Your notice of a recent change to the FAQ include updated info on invoices for sellers and links to Koda’s threads (which are not new). Thanks for the reminder to publically post about the recent changes, though. The nature of a majority of the FAQ was updated since the thread was moved into the new 2011 subforum. New near, new regulations; especially when people tell us specifically of things that didn’t work in organization in specific key areas. Also note the change from ‘Happening Planning’ in the subforum title of last year to ‘Happening Discussion’ for this year.

To revert to the original nature of the post, let me know where you’d like this thread. You can reply here or in PM.

This sounds great

It just so happens I have a structure I can loan to this cause - I started a new thread to brainstorm, first thinking it could be used for a headless lounge, but if there is no designated tent for artists/crafters to sell their wares in yet, it would would be excellent for that purpose too. :slight_smile:

The thread is over here, for anybody interested in the specifics: