Art, art, art :D

I have a few questions about the art community for the con :3

First, I’m interested in getting an art table… This will be my first con, so I have no idea how this works. Do I need to pay to reserve a spot? Will there be a table provided, or do I need to bring my own?
Second, is there going to be a separate section for the artists to sell their goods, or are they going to be spread out amongst the activities? I didn’t quite catch that when Pix and I met with some of the staff x3
Third, I’m interested in offering my services (I don’t have to get paid x3) for doing official con badges for people… I’m not sure if it works this way, but do cons provide badges, and have artists that offer them? How does that work? If the con doesn’t provide that, then I do badges for relatively cheap ($5-$10). I also do other cute, cheap, crafty-ish things that I plan on doing while there, including book mark sets, greeting cards, gift tags, key chains, etc. I’ll also be offering dollar doodles and regular, traditional commissions if interested :3

All of these questions can be answered in the commerce thread started by oCe! If you want to donate art, see Tiggress’ thread on conbook submissions!