Arctic Fox(Xander Frost) in need of a ride

As the title says I need a ride to CFT. I currently reside in Eugene OR and unfortunately my van broke down for good so I won’t be able to make the trip unless someone would be willing to give me a ride there and back if possible. I would greatly appreciate a lift or if you could direct me to someone who would be willing to that would be great.

I can provide gas money if needed and for the things I would be bringing are: a sizable bag for clothes, bedding, and little things, croquet set and a yard game set which both don’t take up too much space, some board/card games, sleeping bag and tent, boom box, and something for utensils, snacks, and other little miscellaneous things that won’t take of that much space.

Again I would greatly appreciate a ride or a direction to someone who could do so, thank you ^^

I gotchu xander.