Anyone From Portland?


I’m having a hard time to get a hold of furs in Portland who would be kind enough to share a ride or +1. To explain my situation. I don’t have a car or much camping equipment, just basic things. So what do people like us do? Is it really best for inexperienced peeps not to attend a camping event? I enjoy furry events, but it’s debilitating in a way for people with varying lifestyles or belief systems. I don’t really want to drive, and there’s people who can’t drive because of health, mental or vision issues. (I’ve always wanted to be in a small community, within biking distances for example.) But America is such a driver-focused state. It’s so stupid. But regardless, I could learn to drive any time I wanted to.

I didn’t realize the registration was closing soon. I literally got the E-mail on the 17th. I would need an urgent response to register on time, and get a ride. Anyway, kinda sad that I can’t go on my own. I’m not paying $60 if I can’t go. I’m just not independent enough to do this. But it goes without saying that I hope you all have fun, and I look forward to going to Furlandia next year!

Not to go too off topic, but do you know or are there any CFT people going to Furlandia 2018, too?
I would really like more contacts. It would help a lot!

Hey there, I drive to and from Portland every day for work. i cant help with camping equipment and such but should be able to give you a ride. message me on telegram and we can talk @dobieboi

If you’re in need of a tent, I recently upgraded mine to a larger one, and you’re welcome to my older one if you’d like it. Just needs new stakes is all!

Thank goodness heavy duty stakes are still easy to find.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I was able to register in time.
Edit: Okay, never mind. It says I’m reshuffled. I don’t exactly know how this will work out. =v=

I don’t use Telegram for personal reasons. Do you have Discord?

I do, my user name is Jacs757

The way Discord works, you need the tag (with numbers at the end) to add someone. Mine is Rubis Drake#8493

If you do happen to make it in the lottery again, and end up being able to attend, let me know and I will bring it along to hand off to you!

I don’t think I’ll be able to go. Kinda sucks…

Indeed it does! But there is always next year to aim for, so heres hoping things go better next time :smiley:

Unless I suffer from mid-life crisis, then maybe. :stuck_out_tongue:

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