Announcement Regarding Campfire Tails

My Friends,

These last few years have meant more to me than I can say. My friendships have strengthened, solidified and a trust bond between all of you and I have grown over the years, and with it, a fondness. Nearly all of you have had a chance to see Campfire Tails as an attendee; something I’ve yet to experience myself. As this event grew, my odd vision that couldn’t be described in words was finally starting to be realized by others who formed my staff core. Those who stuck with me through the years, and those that didn’t are understanding the chaotic yet unified vision I’ve had to turn us into something special to everyone who sees it and experiences it. We don’t need to be furries to be good people. It’s just the thing that brought us together in the beginning.

This last CFT has made me resoundingly proud of my staff, and I think that we’re all starting to figure out where we stand on things. We’ve all grown, or are growing into our respective roles and I don’t doubt that the future holds only better plans for everybody. I made a promise to those who’d hear me that I’d stick with this event until it no longer needed me to be it’s best and I feel that time has come. As I myself grow older my own priorities have shifted homeward; towards my family, towards my friends, towards my career and towards my future. It’s time for me to move on.

As of this moment I am will no longer be staff of CFT, and the torch is being passed on to one of my oldest friends who has stuck with us throughout this event’s growth to today, who understands the vision of Campfire Tails and who I am entrusting to carry it on into it’s new future. From this point forward, Devin is now chair of CFT. Moving forward I hope you can all give him the same degree of patience and understanding that I myself have been privy to from all of you and hope you all work with him to help make the greatest furry event in the Pacific Northwest all that much greater.

I’ll be seeing you guys at camp for my first time as an actual camper, and I’ll try my best not to get kicked out. I love you all with all of my heart and I will only truly be yours. Thank you all for the years of humility you’ve taught me to have and inspiring me to be a good and responsible person for you.

With love,
C.S. Mounier