And another one

I’mma just put my stuff here, then.

This was my first time at CFT, and honestly? I had a great time. Happenings were a bit random-seeming, but then again, I wasn’t really looking too hard. I came out to relax, spend time with other furs, and just… be me, y’know? MOST of the camp seemed to be in blue, but that just reflects that more people want quiet. I personally love the noise, so I was sitting right between red and green by the bathrooms. Dinners were excellent; well-planned and well-executed. Breakfast and lunch could have been a bit more inventive, but given that I was only an attendee, I can’t really complain. It was my choice. (Though sandwiches could have had two pieces of meat instead of one. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I was very pleased overall with the event. It was well put together for a campout, and damnit Crowley, you almost made me cry with your opening ceremonies.

I’m looking forward to 2013, though I’m sad it’s only planned for four days. :stuck_out_tongue:

Y’all who want to keep in contact with me are welcome to PM me for email info. (I was the overweight kid wearing red most of the time. With the longish hair. Yeah. That guy.