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Hey there, this will be my first time at CFT, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been going camping since I was about 6 years old, though I’ve never actually camped outside the state of California (I’m from the Bay Area originally). Just curious, but what can I expect weather wise in that area too?

Hot days and cold nights. Temperatures can range from dry mid 80s to upper 90s in the day, and gets down to about 30-40 at night. If you get too hot we have showers and plenty of drinks and there’s a nearby stream with cold but swimmable water!

Yeah, I’ve been to places like Lake Shasta, or Lake Don Pedro here in Nor-Cal when its been 100+ out. That was not much fun. Glad to see it cools off at nite though.

Definitely expect to need shorts and light shirts in the day time and a good sweater at night. I remember it getting warm but not too out of hand last year during the day and the night pretty gradually cooled down as it got darker.

There are plenty of trees to stay under during the day. And there will be campfires in the evenings/mornings (as long as the wood holds out.)