Address and/or directions from nearest highway

For those of us using GPS units to get to the campsite, is there an address we can punch in or can we get some simple directions from the nearest highway to the campsite?

I second this as i should have a GPS by the 28th

We were talking about the coordinates here but according to the addy of the forest is 1645 Highway 20 East, Bend, OR 97701, although that won’t be specific to the Ogden Group Camp where the event is being held. I plugged that into Yahoo Maps to get directions. Hope they’re accurate. :wink: If there’s directions posted on the site I couldn’t find them, if not I think they’d make a useful addition.

A mass email with directions at the bottom was supposed to have been sent out, oops! Anyways, if you take a look at the About page, you’ll find a google maps link off gps coordinates that works rather well just below the campsite map! Here’s a direct link:,+-121.42139&sll=44.051704,-123.026494&sspn=0.008189,0.013797&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=14&ll=43.727132,-121.421489

Looks like that just takes out out to the middle of nowhere.

It’s a National Forest campground. Not quite the middle of nowhere, but close. :wink:

Well… I’m takin’ off, now.

If I don’t report back, next week, call the police and tell them I was kidnapped by a pack of wild animals!!! :wink:

Have a great time you guys :)!

Sorry I couldn’t join you :confused:

Comatoes, glad you made it safely hun :slight_smile:

Just in case someone hasn’t left yet…from the 97 take the Paulina Lake road (right from the south, left from the north) to the Ogden camp exit (a left) and drive straight to Group Site C. For god’s sake if you’re coming from the south don’t take that road before Paulina Lake that starts with R, I don’t care what your GPS says. D: