Acoustic Music

Post your instruments, tabs, sheets, requests, song lists, sets here if you’d please.

Me: One six string guitar, usually standard tuning and a head-full of silly shit that I don’t remember, but my fingers do. I request Old Man by Neil Young (teach me please!).

Strings, brass, wood, voice, percussion.
Where there are people, there is always some noise.
Everyone likes some amount of noise! So why not bring some? As per the usual, there will be at least one guitar floating around for use (I really want to pawn shop another one)! The real question is, “what else will there be?”

The curiosity stands!
What else will you bring? Matracas? Vuvuzelas? Mouth Harps? A howl, a hoot, and a holler?
Or something more manufactured: a harp, a trumpet, an oboe, or drum?
Help the camp be alive with a musical thing! Add your own noise! Bring your knowledge of songs, chants, camp fire stories, sea-shantys, limericks, and more!
Bring the thing you never learned to play. Bring the package of kazoos that lay in the back seat of your car or the box in storage.

Remember! Music isn’t confined to beat-boxing “Intergalactic” with guitar chord accompaniment! (can anyone do that?) We enjoy all sorts at CFT.

General rules apply though!
Be smart in your decision to bring your musical tools!
If you don’t want a hint of desert dust on it, don’t bring it (but DO bring your knowledge and play an instrument anyways!).
It will be hot, and also cold. If the instrument isn’t well conditioned or in potential disrepair, don’t bring it (but DO bring your knowledge, etc!).
If you don’t want weird chingasos (hits, dents, scratches, etc) on it, don’t let those you don’t very much trust play it.
Don’t be afraid of coming off wrong! Us music heads will back you, remember NO MEANS NO, this applies to all things (including your darling dear dulcimer).

Here, I care so much that I made an outdated meme in MSpaint.
(really though: I care, music is dear to me, and I believe to those around us all at CFT as well. and without a bit of effort on our parts there will be less of it)

I’ll be bringing along my violin. I am learning to play by ear and can do basic noodling along with just about anything but I am fondest of American folk and blues.

I’ll be bringing my acoustic. I’m more into making up a song or jamming.