Acoustic Jam by the Fireside

Heya! I’ve got a violin and an acoustic guitar. I’m not incredible at either, but I can get by in a jam.

Anyway, you furry bastards should bring instruments that don’t require plugs and cords so we can hang out casually by a fire and throw down some tunes.

Also, any suggestions on songs we should learn?

Dispatch - The General :V

I could see about bringing my Trumpet X3

Sounds fun… this should happen after the hookah sesh… :wink:

I have an acoustic guitar in a case collecting dust in my garage. Might bring it. I think it would be cool if there was someone there willing to give some basic lessons while we’re sittin’ around. I’ve always tried to pick up playing but, I just can’t motivate myself to do it. I know it takes a lot of practice so, practice = time investment… and I usually have a million other things I’d rather be doing at any given moment.

Maybe if I actually played a few things that sounded halfway decent, it would make me want to practice more. At this point, though, the internet tutorials just aren’t doing it for me.

Heya Comatoes, I’m just good enough to give you a few pointers and teach you some simple chords. You can make a jam out of just a few chords, too. Find me. I’ll be the long-haired blonde hippie… probably wearing something weird. The name’s Riley.

Awesome idea! It was pretty sweet to hear you rock out some mega man music on your violin last time.

Zeta’s got a uke that he’s pretty handy with. I’ll recommend he brings it.