Absinthe History and Preparation

Hey guys! This CFT will be my first ever and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone! My idea for a Happening is as follows.

I’d like to host a part history lesson, part show about Absinthe. Many are aware of the drink but aren’t too familiar with its rich history, and how great artists of the past would use it to enhance their creativity. I’d go into that, followed by a lesson on traditional Absinthe preparation. Anyone who attended and brought a glass would be welcome to receive a traditionally prepared drink!

I’m aware that I can’t legally sell alcohol at the con, so my plan would be to set up a tip jar. I’m also already planning to familiarize myself with the system used to identify those of legal drinking age so I don’t get myself or anyone else in trouble. Any who attend are encouraged to bring their own cups (I only will have two!) and, if they’re feeling especially generous, bottles of Absinthe. The stuff can be really expensive, especially the good stuff!

The initial response to this idea when I posted it in the CFT Telegram group was very positive, so I wanted to also post it here to see what anyone else thinks. Thoughts? Concerns? Let me know. See you guys there. :3


I’d certainly be interested in actually trying the proper stuff, instead of the cheap swill I’ve seen in our liquor stores here. I’m not ready to drop $90 on a decent bottle just to try it XD

I believe that in the past, CFT has issued wristbands to everyone over 21, so you might not need to worry too much about checking ID, but I wouldn’t count on that 100% and would still cover your own ass by checking again.

Man, this sounds amazing. I too have always wanted to try it out. I’m down to make a tip for a fancy drink!

As for the ID stuff; if someone isn’t wearing a wrist band, tell them to show ID to staff and do not serve. :3~ Most attendees know the rule and to expect wristbands. Staff actively seeks out people the first couple nights to be sure we’ve IDed as many as we can catch. Also, the wristbands aren’t bad and last the whole camp. ~<3

Hmm, this sounds really good, totally into being at this. I’ve had absinthe a couple times before and really enjoyed it, so very interested.
Being as the con itself issues wristbands, so long as You check there shouldn’t be a problem.

Is there a donation pot, or a bottle suggestion list that we can look at? I would like to bring money or a bottle to contribute.

I am definitely participating in this!!

I do plan to provide a donation jar. I won’t require them but will heavily appreciate any financial contributions. I’m not TOO snobby about the quality of the Absinthe provided, but any bottle over $50 is generally decent enough stuff. :3

I love this! I would like to attend and hear your findings on the history of this drink! Please inform me of what day and time you will be doing this! (I am part of kitchen staff and would love to attend after dinner is over! :wink: )

I’d like to have it on Saturday! What time would dinner be? Might be a good idea to have it shortly after dinner so the attendees aren’t drinking on an empty stomach. :3

Sorry for the late reply- Not entirely sure on when everyone will be done eating… @Beauchamp do you have an estimate as to when Saturday dinner will start?

Dinner service is to begin around 6:30

Thank you for the absinthe event :3 I enjoyed it.

I’m glad you did. I enjoyed hosting it. :3

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