A call for all the Stargazers ⭐️

Do we have any amateur stargazers/astronomy enthusiasts that would be interested in leading an evening session (or two)? I’m guessing we’d need to bring telescopes and binoculars. I’d love to go hunting for shooting stars and try to find all the constellations!

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I bet Woofy the Bunny would be very interested in this.


I’d be interested in star gazing, it’s very nice and relaxing. :slight_smile:

@tyco Could you have them get in touch with me?
-wags eagerly-

If nothing else I’m sure he’d be excited to point out all of the man made satellites that can be seen with the naked eye such as the ISS should it happen to be going over our heads after the sun goes down that weekend.

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Know almost nothing about the night sky but I do own a very nice telescope I could bring