3 weeks left to Register for CFT 2012!

There’s just 3 more weeks left to register for Campfire Tails 2012! After July 1st registration will be closing online, and it should be noted that there is no onsite registration whatsoever.

Let’s face it, furries, we’re all growing up and things are changing for each of us in their own different ways. Every day, we get older. I remember when a summer felt like an eon. Since I started working outside of college, though, seasons just kinda blended into eachother in a blur. I get caught up in things, doing the grind at work day in and day out, and before I know it, a week is already over. Then a pay period, then a month. In the blink of an eye, the years come and go. At Campfire Tails, things tend to slow down a bit for me. I get to take stock of my year, my friendships and my friendships that are yet to be. Every time I come back it’s like returning home after a long, long time. I get to finally be me to everybody and everything and do, well, prettymuch everything I feel like doing. I get to dress the way I like, I get to talk in the way I like and I get to unwind in every way imagineable. I also get to be ridiculous, absurd, a little low-brow and have fun being me. What’s not to enjoy? The time is rapidly coming upon us, fuzzies. The time to relax harder than we’ve ever relaxed before. Brace yourselves. Campfire Tails is coming.

The theme this year is ‘Keep Furry Weird’, both an oft cited Portland motto and a way of life in the fandom. We all have to admit it, we fuzzies are pretty durn strange folk. <3

This last year we’ve been extremely optimistic in our planning and I have absolutely no doubts that we’re gearing up for our best year ever since we started this thing a few years ago. Our hosts are planning out good coordination of camps, we’re putting together a trophy lineup for a fun selection of categories, our kitchen menu is looking utterly fantastic like always, I just put in my order for 2,000 glowsticks and reviewing details on our current planned Happenings for up to 170 happy attendees.

So far activities you fuzzies have managed to put together include:

  • Awkward Dance Party with Riley
  • Camp-Long Scavenger Hunt with Groggyfox
  • Camp Variety/Fashion Show with AnnaHyena and Rain
  • Water Fights with Groggyfox
  • Tail-Making Workshop with Groggyfox
  • Mask-Making Workshop with oCe
  • Battle of the Brightest with your truly
  • Group Games with CoonLyrick
  • Pictionary/Iron Artist/Shadow Puppets with Groggyfox
  • Improv Comedy Workshop with Koda and Sethpup
  • Stargazing with Groggyfox
  • Make-Your-Own Icecream with X_Panther
  • Breakfast of Champions (21+ and older. Booze-laden foods ahoy) with Scruffy Puppy
  • Makin’ Bacon workshop with Sparky
  • Night Time Campfire Music Circles
  • Campfire Stories with Scruffy Puppy
  • People’s Choice Awards (Best Competitive Happening, Best Theme Camp, Best Craft Workshop, Best Dancer, Best Costumer, Battle of the Brightest Champion, Strangest Furry Evah and Staff Choice)

That being said, we could still use your help, community. We still need a volunteers coordinator, someone to handle communications between departments onsite, an experienced kitchen manager to work with our kitchen lead and we are badly in need of art donations. Last I checked we’re in need of a T-shirt design, some badges and lots of general conbook artwork due also by July 1st.

So here’s the facts!

Isn’t this exciting? Are you excited cause I’m excited I’ve never been so excited, well, except for the time that I went gasp but I mean really, who can top that?

Well said Crowley. CFT has been my happy place to slow down and unwind the last two summers, and I’m looking forward to that being the case again this year. Thanks for starting this con, it’s super awesome!

We are entering the home stretch! Everyone, look at the member list! If you see someone is not on there for 2012 and you miss them desperately, or just want them to show up, e-mail, tweet, text, call, fax, smoke signal, send messenger pigeons to them, whatever! Just get them registered!

so how many people are going?

143 registered.