2022 Volunteer Medical Camp

howdy folks!

I’m outstandingly excited to announce that CFT 2022 will be staffed by event medics for the entire duration of the event. My name is Bell, and I’m going to be joined by @certifiedtrashdog to provide top notch first aid, medical care, mental health and crisis support, and general booboo upkeep for all you lovely folks.

We’re still hashing out a few of the logistical details, but you will likely find the Med-Tent set up near the border of Red and Green camps, clearly marked with signs. A little about us: we’re both experienced and trained wilderness EMTs, and have an extensive background in pre-hospital and remote medicine.

I’m absolutely happy to answer any questions y’all may have, and looking forward to seeing everyone at the camp! Swing on by and say hello.


Hey it’s me the critter that will be working with @Belltoll !

I’m a working EMT and Medical Assistant and eager to help out with the med tent and general health and wellness of CFT as a whole.


This is amazing, thank you so much for providing this gift!