2022 Dragon Heights volunteers- DJs, yurt crew + Dark Lunch

Hello hello! It’s me, Maly, your resident dusty dragon here to start wrangling the support crew for Red Camp’s feature creature- Dragon Heights.

For those of you new to CFT in 2022, we are a real Burning Man theme camp that takes a big pie slice of Red Camp each year to offer nighttime movies and DJ space/dancing, a Mongolian yurt to chill in during the daylight hours, and Dark Lunch- quesadillas and other simple hot foods served sometime around midnight each night to help supplement all your other party favors you may have enjoyed after dinner many hours ago.

We are not officially affiliated with Campfire Tails, so volunteer hours with us can’t be counted towards future registration (not that we log anything anyways). If you help out with us, you’re helping fellow campers and participating in something that benefits the community! Also, I’m going to have some kind of exclusive swag for our volunteer Dragons- so you will walk away with something from camp that can only be earned, not bought!

We need a few kinds of Dragons (or other species, we won’t judge!) on our team this year:

DJs: in the absence of DJs, all of Red Camp gets to enjoy DJ Playlist, or whatever I have on my downloaded Spotify. While that’s fine during the day for ambient sound, at night it’s far more fun to have live mixed music! If you want some time on our giant sound system, this is where you should sign up! Please drop a link to a mix you’re proud of in your comment below. Your music doesn’t need to be 90s themed, but it would make it more fun! We are doing a theme night on Saturday, however- 90s Halloween. So drag out your favorite version of Thriller, let’s see what you’ve got!

DJ Signup:
1: Emanate
2: Wren

Yurt Crew: believe it or not, building a Mongolian yurt is actually kinda hard. We need volunteers to help us raise the roof! This is a moderately physical job- you will need to be able to lift a long wooden pole (slightly larger around than a broom) over your head and hold it there as we fit it in to the Tono (the central ring). There’s also putting up the lattice walls, and unrolling huge pieces of canvas. This job will be completed early Thursday, and takes less than 2 hours

Yurt Crew:
1: beansyboi

Dark Lunch: are you a night owl who cares about food safety? The Cult of Dark Lunch could use some new initiates! At camp, Jondi will coordinate cooking/serving assignments, and tbh we never really know what one night will look like compared to the next. If CFT’s kitchen is a well oiled machine, Dark Lunch is half a Transformer head at the bottom of the Goodwill bins. Join our shitshow! All you need to do is show up around 11:45pm, sober enough to do what’s asked of you. At the least, you’ll probably grab an extra serving for yourself at the end of it- at the most you can feel like you’re part of a Cult centered around grilled cheese. This job repeats nightly, although you are not expected every night unless you want to!

Dark Lunch:
1: Cernwyld
2: Beauchamp

Please drop a comment below if you’d like to join us and help out at Dragon Heights on any of our teams- or let me know if there’s some other way you might want to help.

Thank you in advance- Dragon Heights is our gift to the community, but it can’t exist without its community support!

I’ll totally help out with dark lunch! I can be there friday night and saturday night

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Hi Maly!

I was hoping you’d be back this year too! Back when 2020 was going to be the next CFT, I’d poked you (or Jondi) about doing a straight up 90s rave, and I’d still love to pull that off. I would looooove to DJ a cheesy early 90s classic trance set. :smiley:

Here’s my Mixcloud but I think you’re already familiar with it. :-}

I also had another project that if I get finished with in in time, I’d love to coordinate with you to maybe show off?

A year or two I did a full rescore of Tron Legacy (synched music up to the film). I have a new one of those, and this time I ended up going with the theme of music from the 90s (even before I knew I was going to CFT or that it still had 2020’s theme). I’d love to show that on the screen if you’re bringing the projector, and if there’s a time that makes sense for it.

(Trying to keep the name of the film itself somewhat of a surprise, but it’s a good one visually as well.)


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I’ll be there for dark lunch!

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Hey Maly!

I’ll be volunteering for setup, and safety staff for a lot of the weekend, but I will definitely be available to help where I can for yurt setup, and I’ll crash a Dark Lunch or two :smirk_cat::smiling_imp:

Any word on the donation campaign for cookies or sweets like has been done in previous years? Would you coordinate somewhere for us to donate for that even if there won’t be cookies? :smile_cat:

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I’d be down to control the tunes for a bit :star_struck:

Cool, do you have any examples of your music?

Oh I’m not cool enough to actualy produce music, it would just be a tailored playlist I have downloaded. :sweat_smile:

Go ahead and pencil me in for yurt crew!

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I will help loosely, i’m not sure i feel like being committed on a schedule yet. But if i’m early enough i’ll help setup, if you’re short on staff and i feel it i’ll help with dark lunch etc.

I will also send Kanoa your way to DJ (Electro), and see if he wants his AV setup with you or near his camp.

Also if you need some waterlights etc for the dance… I’ll DM you on TG.