2019 Volunteer Sign-ups!

I’ll do setup and tear down for sure!

Sign me up for setup please! I will be driving my pickup truck so I will be helpful in that aspect as well ^.^


I’ll be coming up with CrazyJoe. First time attendee.Be more than glad to help out.
I’m guessing we’ll be there for set up.

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I will volunteer for Monday Breakfast with @beancat. I would like to apply for a Gofur shift Sunday Morning :slight_smile:

Yes, Kitchen Sunday 1st shift with Trippcat sounds good, and I can also take the Friday PM Gofur #2 spot.

I’ll take Saturday 3rd shift and Morning Monday if that’s alright. Kitchen that is :wink:

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Bad news :frowning:
I’m not going to be able to attend this year, so I won’t be able to help with the things I signed up for. Sorry!

Oh hey, it’s the skunk. I am available for setup and takedown as well as information related to such. I will be on site Wednesday afternoon with lots of tools and HAMMERS and 80’s hair metal

Nothing better then getting hammered with skunkbutt

Hi Polybun, I just wanted to clarify for you (and anyone else reading this) that partying is frowned on until all of setup is completed. We have so many people helping out with it this year that it should be done in short order, but I wanted to put it out there that we should all reserve ourselves until it’s time to relax :slight_smile:


But building things is a party.

If you want me to do the monday AM spot for the kitchen, I can.

Hey @Favlaud @Beauchamp
Super hate to do this but I’m backing out of the event, so feel free to give my kitchen slots to others (fortunately it seemed like there was plenty of interest).

I failed to understand the +1 system and my partner wasn’t able to get into the con, so I’ll try to go next year. I hope everyone has a killer time!! <3

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I’m confirming on behalf of Lunania for setup. We’ve already made the plans to get there Wednesday morning.

I should be able to help as well, if there’s additional need.

@Favlaud Was just checking to see the volunteer schedule, and apparently I wasn’t placed on the list for kitchen volunteers. If there’s still room, or if @Toni 's slots are opening up (sorry you can’t go! Y.Y), I’d love to do some kitchen stuff.

Very sorry about that oversight! Would Friday 3rd shift and Saturday 2nd shift work for you? If you’d like less (or more!) let me know, here or in PM!

Yeah, those shifts work just fine. Thanks a lot, I appreciate it.

I’ll volunteer for Monday morning gofur and break down ^,.,^

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I’ll volunteer for that last slot on breakdown crew.

EDIT: Looks like others volunteered ahead of me. So I’ll withdraw here and try to help dragon heights tear down instead.

I am able to help with setup and teardown, though it seems y’all are filled on the former…