2019 Theme Camp Registration

2019: Theme Camp Registration Open!
Hello, campers! If you’re interested in registering your camp, please read the following guidelines carefully, then fill out and submit the registration form (linked at the bottom of this post) by July 16, 2019.

Theme Camp Registration Perks

While registering your camp or project is completely optional, we realize that it takes a LOT of hard work and dedication to plan, execute and run a Theme Camp, so we’ve decided to offer the following additional perks as a “thank you” to those who choose to register with us:

  1. Early Entry (Wednesday, July 31st) and Late Departure (Tuesday, August 6th) Privileges for approved camp members who will be assisting with setup/teardown.
  2. First choice of site/placement for your Theme Camp , along with CFT staff and setup volunteers arriving on Wednesday, July 31st.
  3. Five additional meals not served to regular attendees : Wednesday Dinner, Thursday Breakfast, Thursday Lunch, Monday Lunch, Monday Dinner.
  4. (Optional) Your Theme Camp’s name and description in the printed schedule that’s handed out to all attendees at check-in.

What is a Theme Camp?

To be eligible for “official” camp registration, your Theme Camp must meet the following criteria:

  1. Offers some form of communal space , hosted activity or interactive element.
  2. Is visually appealing or uniquely decorated in some way, beyond just a plain tent/canopy straight from the box.
  3. Is open to all attendees , or to all attendees 21+ (for camps/events serving alcohol).

What ISN’T a Theme Camp?

Simply, any camp (individual or group) that does not meet all three of the above criteria. For example, if you and your friends plan to set up a private structure for use only by your own camp members or friends, with no public space/elements, you are more than welcome to do so! However, such camps will be considered “private,” and will not be eligible to register.

NEW FOR 2019: We are not accepting applications for “Cuddle Tent” theme camps (spaces available for consensual snuggling). You are allowed to have personal cuddle spaces, but we will not be endorsing cuddle spaces on an official level. Thank you for understanding.

What sorts of spaces or events do Theme Camps host?

The possibilities are nearly endless, but here are a few examples:

Communal shade structures or general hangout spaces like domes, yurts or monkey huts.
Activity-focused spaces that host free-form or structured workshops, meetups, or creative jams.
Booths offering an experience, gifts, food or drink, games & prizes, etc.
Stages hosting DJs, dancing, music or other performance arts.

What counts as “decoration” for a Theme Camp?

For our purposes, “decoration” is defined as “anything extra that you have added to your tent/canopy/structure to make it more unique and visually appealing.” This includes things like signs and banners, flags, wind spinners/chimes/socks, lanterns, lights, tapestries, curtains, garlands, artwork, etc. – but nearly any type of decoration counts, whether store-bought or home-made, so feel free to get creative!

Do Theme Camps need to follow this year’s event theme (Furassic Park)?

No, although camps with the current themes aesthetic are highly encouraged! However, you are welcome to bring a camp or project with any theme you like; we won’t judge based on style or creative merit.

Do Theme Camps ALWAYS have to be open?

Nope! While your camp can be open 24/7 if that’s the nature of the space, it does not need to be. All we ask is that you make sure your public spaces are clearly delineated from private ones, and that you provide campers with some type of visual indicator for when your camp is open/closed: signs, posted schedule, curtains/door/rope, etc.


First, you and your camp members must already be registered to attend CFT 2019 , meaning your registrations are paid for and “complete” in our registration system. (We may allow you to add more camp members later, but please only list members on the form who are currently registered, not pending or waiting.)

Then, please have one “primary contact” person for your camp fill out and submit the following form:

CFT 2019 Theme Camp Registration

Deadline for Form Submission: Monday July 16, 2019 @ 6:00AM PDT Please fill out this form if you are interested in registering your Theme Camp, Project or Installation for 2019. Registration of your Theme Camp is NOT required if you wish to…

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to limit the number of Theme Camp registrations and/or close the form early if there is an unexpectedly large amount of interest. While unregistered Theme Camps are still welcome to attend, if you don’t want to miss out on the perks that come from registering, please be sure to submit your form ASAP!

Once we review your form, a member of CFT staff will contact you via Forum PM to confirm that your Theme Camp is approved, as well as provide you with some additional information, and then you’ll be all set.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to post in this thread!


I’m looking forward to what we’re gonna see! Every year seems to have bigger, more elaborate camps and activities!


I had submitted a form for one, but realized my situation wouldn’t quite fit the criteria so please ignore mine. Sorry!

I’m excited for all the awesome camps though. <3

I did notice that. Feel free to make it a happening though, I’m sure people would love karaoke!

Theme camp registration ends tomorrow! Get your submissions in!

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