2019 Tarot Reading Happening

Heyo, all! This is my first campfire tails, and I am hoping to put together a Tarot happening! I’m looking to get together with folks to provide Tarot readings to anyone who is interested, talk Tarot, and share decks with others who are interested. I don’t have a solid idea of the best time/place to meet up, but even if no set time is made, I will be carrying my deck around with me the whole weekend, and would be happy to sit down with anyone for either readings or discussion!

If folks have interest, please post here and we’ll figure out the best way to meet up! :3


Hey Draque! Welcome to campfire tails! A few of us did fortune telling last year and we’d love to have you join us this year. We mostly coordinate over telegram. If you message me your telegram handle I’ll be happy to add you and we can plan out fortune telling this year.

That sounds great! I’m just @Draque on telegram. ^^

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Would i be able to get in on this!? I’ll be bringing my deck and spell satchels for gift and barter <3

Sure Avery! We’ll be using the red tent in red camp with the fortunes sign outside of it. It’s free to use whenever - go rustle up anyone who would want their fortune told and use the tent to your hearts content. Most interest is usually after dinner from people hanging out around the fires and other communal spaces. See you there!