[2019] MUST READ for Dog Owners! CFT Dog Guidelines!

All dogs MUST be pre-registered in order to attend Campfire Tails. If you show up at check-in with an unregistered pet, you and your pet will be denied entry to the event – no exceptions! Dog Registration can be accessed through the main registration system once you complete your own registration.

Want to bring your dog to Campfire Tails? You’re in the right place! Here we have some guidelines, helpful tips, and a handy list of nearby veterinary clinics to make sure you and your pup have a safe time at the event! Please read through these guidelines carefully to learn whether your canine companion is a good fit to attend CFT, and if so, what you can do to keep them happy and healthy in a desert environment.

First and foremost, we ask that you please be aware of your dog’s limits before bringing them to camp. They may be exposed to large crowds, other dogs or wildlife, loud sounds and bright lights, and a typical house dog may not have the energy to keep up with that much acivity around camp. Even normally well-behaved dogs may be more easily agitated or show social anxiety when stressed, tired, or dehydrated (just like people!). And if your dog has any history of fearful behavior or gets overwhelmed easily, please consider doing them a favor and leaving them at home – for both their comfort and yours!

We do not have any breed restrictions at Campfire Tails. If your dog is intact (not spayed/neutered) we ask that you please be extra diligent in supervising your dog for both their safety and that of others. Leaving dogs unsupervised for ANY length of time is grounds for ejection of both you and your dog from the event.

Please read the following guidelines, and note that if your animal cannot fulfill these criteria, you cannot bring them to the event.

From our Code of Conduct:

Dogs must be pre-registered via the online registration system before registration closes. If you show up with an unregistered pet, you will be denied entry to the event. We may also eject you and your dog from the event if your dog exhibits aggressive behavior or harasses others. (Depending on the circumstances, we might allow you to return after boarding your dog elsewhere.) You must remain in direct control of your dog at all times, and keep them on a fixed-length leash except when entering or exiting the water. You must clean up after your dog. Crating dogs is permitted only while you remain their immediate vicinity. Leaving dogs alone for any reason, for any length of time, is strictly forbidden.

An important notice for ALL attendees: Do not feed people food to dogs unless their owner allows it. We did have a dog get mildly ill from table scraps one year, so please review this link from the ASPCA regarding hazardous foods for dogs.

Required Guidelines:

-Social Personality: Your dog must be social or at least tolerant with large crowds of strangers. For the safety of all, we cannot allow a human or canine aggressive dog on site. No exceptions.

-Puppies: If your puppy is less than six months old or has not gotten their full round of vaccines/boosters, they cannot attend the event. We do require certain vaccines for the safety of all pets and fellow attendees. See below.

-Vaccines: We require these common three, you will be able to provide proof of current vaccinations through the online registration system.

  • Rabies: This vaccine is required by law in Oregon. Rabies is communicable to humans!
  • Bordetella: protects against common strains of kennel cough
  • DHPP/DAP: protects against distemper, adenovirus-2 [hepatitis], parainfluenza, and parvovirus

Other vaccines that are not required, but worth considering in a camping scenario:

  • Lyme vaccine: protects against Lyme disease passed on by ticks they may encounter. Lyme disease is communicable to humans!
  • Lepto vaccine: protects against leptospirosis which can be picked up from contact with infected urine. Leptospirosis is communicable to humans!
  • CIV vaccine: protects against both highly contagious H3N2 and H3N8 strains of canine influenza virus

-Collar/Harness, Leash, and Tags: All dogs must have a proper fitting collar or harness and tags, the collar/harness must be tight enough that your pet will not be able to slip out of it. Your dog should have a legal registration tag listing a registration or license number and the jurisdiction of the registration. A second tag with their name, your phone number, the name of the city where you live would also be a helpful piece of information in the event they become lost. They must be on leash at all times except when entering or exiting the water. This rule is enforced by the forest service as well.

-Supervision: Your dog must be with you or your secondary handler and on leash at all times when not in the water. No exceptions.

-Medications: if your dog is on any medications please remember to bring them and make sure you are able to administer them as needed.

-Feeding/Hydration: We have clean water on site, but you are responsible for making sure your animal has enough food to eat during the event. We are in a desert, hydration is vital. If your pet is too hot, a cool (not cold!) wash cloth to their paws, ears, and chest will help. Don’t forget, heat stroke can be fatal!

-Poop bags: Remember to pack biodegradable or compostable poop bags and pick up after your dog. Both can be found at any grocery or pet store. Also keep in mind that just because it’s biodegradable/compostable that it doesn’t mean you can leave them on the ground. Throw used bags in any of our trash cans put up around camp.

The following, while not required, are very important to consider:

-Flea/Tick treatments: If it’s not something you normally administer, it would be a good idea for camping. Fleas and ticks like people too!

-Kennel/Crate: If your dog is used to sleeping in a crate or you don’t want to worry about what they’ll get into in your tent while sleeping, bring a proper sized kennel for them to sleep in. Your dog will need to be able to stand upright and turn around in the crate for it to be the proper size for them. Keep in mind that having the crate does not mean you can leave them unattended in it. You or your backup handler must be in the immediate vicinity at all times your dog is crated.

-Booties: The ground is hot and full of sharp rocks that will cut and blister even rough paw pads. If your dog isn’t used to walking on harsh, rocky terrain, I would highly recommend getting a set of booties which you can buy for as little as $15 at any pet store or online. I would suggest against the rubber “Pawz” booties. From experience, they don’t have any breath-ability and are not appropriate for hours of use at a time in a hot environment.

Medical Needs

I will be bringing a small medkit specifically tailored for dogs (bandaging supplies, thermometer, etc). I have 8 years and counting of professional dog care experience and I am certified in dog CPR and basic first aid care. I am not a veterinary doctor and I am not trained to deal with any serious injuries or ailments. If your dog suffers a serious injury or needs emergency care, you will need to know where the nearest emergency clinic is and be able to transport your pet there. The nearest emergency vet clinic to our campsite is in Bend so do your best to keep your dog safe!

Nearest Emergency Vet:
Bend Animal Emergency Center
1245 SE 3rd St. Suite C-3, Bend, OR 97702 (Approx. 25mi from camp site)
Open 24/7 Everyday (541-385-9110)

Nearest Daytime Vets:
Wickiup Animal Hospital
52407 Skidgel Rd. La Pine, OR 97739 (Approx. 7mi from camp site)
Open M-F 8am-5:30pm, Closed Sat/Sun (541-536-5911)

La Pine Animal Hospital
51693 Huntington Rd, La Pine, OR 97739 (Approx. 10mi from camp site)
Open M-F 7:30am-5:30pm, Sat 8am-4pm, Closed Sun (541-536-2001)

Sunriver Veterinary Clinic
56825 Venture Ln, Sunriver, OR 97707 (Approx. 13mi from camp site)
Open M-F 8am-5:30pm, Closed Sat/Sun (541-636-9945)

Blue Sky Vet Clinic
20205 Powers Rd, Bend, OR 97702 (Approx. 24mi from camp site)
Open M-F 8am-5:30pm, Sat 9am-1pm, Closed Sun (541-383-3833)

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please ask here! I’m a good dog, I won’t bite!