2019 game tournament

The 2018 backgammon tournament went well, but the format was a bit long. I’m contemplating what kind of tournament I should run for 2019.

Is anyone getting into Keyforge? It could be fun to have an Adaptive tournament (archon, sealed, or mixed), I can think of several good tournament formats for 8 or 12 players. I don’t think it would be as easy to teach this on the spot as it was for Backgammon though, so probably it would be best if it was limited to people who already knew how to play.

Other random ideas I’m considering are a cribbage tournament, dale of merchants, battle sheep, othello, or maybe a pairs game like spades, or war chest. I’d also be interested to hear others’ ideas.



Keyforge is my new paper crack LOL. I fully endorse this plan. I would also be willing to volunteer some time over the weekend to help people learn how to play. I have several copies of the starter decks I can bring, since I have taught this game to all my friends. :smiley:

I should have ‘Fuzzy Mage Fight’ by CFT, so throw that on the list for consideration. I’ve been more strongly considering Spades or Cribbage, since I think I’m more likely to get more participants if its a game peeps might already know.

Pros: spectator appeal, tension building, can replace the little dude in the middle with a dinosaur for theme
Cons: BLFC, Furlandia, Campfire Tails

Hah, yeah I used to have that one. That’d be a silly tournament :stuck_out_tongue:

For those asking, I am sorry to say I will not be able to run a game tournament this year. I could not win the reg lotto after 5 attempts, and I have given up for other plans. Maybe next year!


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