2019 Dino Happenings!

Greetings, fellow CFT goers! This is your happening snow fox, Xander! This is my first year being happenings staff and I hope to bring some awesome fun for you all along with broadcasting your own awesome ideas for others to enjoy along with you! Myself and my fellow happening fingo, Kilo, are happy to work together to bring you a good schedule and to let y’all know that if you have any ideas for happenings to please share them! I know that there have been some great ideas going but I want to encourage others to put forth some of their own and we can work together to get them down for what day and time you’d like to have your happening to, well, happen. So get those minds thinking and don’t forget to think outside the box!


I wanna run a one-shot tabletop rpg, Spirit of '77. It’s got dinosaurs, cavemen, crime solving Canadian tourists, and all the funk you could shake a booty at. Probably take at least a couple hours and would seat up to 7. Preferably during the hot part of the day when people want to be in the shade anyway


I was considering running a Bardic Circle for Songs and… well… Campfire Tales. (Tails). Bring your favorite song or story, (preferably dino-themed but not necessary) and share a tale or two!

Yes, this is about what I was thinking. A round robin for say one hour. Each contributor gets 4-5 minutes to do a song, poem, skit, story, whatever. I’d be willing to host/co-host an event and provide my guitar as needed, preferably early afternoon Friday or Saturday.

I would be down for that

I am down to dj! I have a mixer and laptop, but no external speakers.

Also, would there be any interest in a shibari 101 happening? Its important to know how to tie down your dinos so they dont get loose.


Shibari sounds like a fun happening!

I raise both paws for a shibari 101 happening!

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