2018 Ham Radio Check In

I will be bringing a UHF repeater to camp. Would love to have help testing the extent of its capabilities.
440.275 MHz, PL 100.0 (standard +5.0MHz offset)

Simplex: 147.420 MHz, PL tone 123.0 Hz.
The easy to remember mnemonic “one four seven blaze it” courtesy of @WoofyTheBunny. This frequency happens to be the alternate US calling frequency, so it should never crash with any repeater, but it’s unlikely to be in use.

If you’re attending CFT and have a license, comment below so I can add you to the list.
@Tyco: KS7INK
@Morse: N7MHz
@SaberTail: AD6OG
@WoofyTheBunny: K9BUN
@Levi: KI7KXF
@RufusRyan: KI7WFX
@Astrius: KI7EZV
@Kuwa: W4KWA

Repeater list borrowed from last year’s post. Some may be inaccurate, but here is what I found, listed in order of how likely they are to work:
Mt. Bachelor, K7ZM, 145.450 MHz, negative offset, CTCSS tone 103.5 Hz.
La Pine, W6VIP: 145.470 MHz, negative offset, CTCSS tone 162.2 or maybe 103.5 Hz.
La Pine, WA7TYD: 145.490 MHz, negative offset, CTCSS tone 162.5 Hz.
La Pine, K7ZM: 146.960 MHz, negative offset, CTCSS tone 100 Hz.
La Pine, (unknown): 147.140 MHz, positive? offset, CTCSS tone 100 Hz.
Sun River, WA7TYD: 146.640 MHz, negative offset, CTCSS tone 162.5 Hz.
Bend, K7ZM: 145.450 MHz, negative offset, CTCSS tone 103.5 Hz.
Bend, (unknown): 146.940 MHz, negative offset, no tone
Bend, K7RPT: 147.040 MHz, positive offset, no tone
Bend, (unknown): 147.060 MHz, positive offset, no tone
Bend, KB7LNR: 147.360 MHz, positive offset, no tone

KI7KXF here, looking forward to playing around with it!

Yep, I’ll be there!

I’ll be bringing my HT, and also my QRP rig for doing HF. Hopefully we’ll be able to make some contacts. I probably won’t be running it every evening, but if someone else knows how to operate an FT-817ND, they’re welcome to borrow it when I’m not using it.

Hey Saber, do you have a code key or should I bring one?

Morse, I’ll be bringing a little paddle with me.

I also have an old straight key I can bring if people want to try it.

KI7WFX for a friendly archivist who is easily confused by all this new fangled technology. But eager to learn and chat!

KI7EZV reporting! I’ll probably have my little radio for not-getting-lostness.

Ooh, fun! Feel free to add me to the list of hammy hammers: W4KWA.

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My call sign is KI7QAO here

What happened to Raymond’s HF rig? The lightning on Saturday made me keep it packed up, and I simply got overwhelmed with other stuff most other nights. Sorry :frowning:

Hey all, I missed this post last year before I came, so I wanted to get myself on the HAM roster for 2019. My sign is KI7WKC Technician Class.

I’m still somewhat new to the hobby, but I have a couple handhelds, a Baofeng UV-5RA for 2m/70cm and a Yaesu FT-25 for 2m. I also have a Yaesu FTM-3200D installed in my car for 2m. Would be cool to hook up with some of you more experienced in the hobby to play around this year and learn more about the culture!