2018 Fuzzy Chill Space

Me and Opda will be setting up a chill space with 150sqft of cushions in a 225sqft tent.

It will be unattended, but please be respectful and keep it PG13 and clean as I won’t have time to clean it up or do repairs before burning man. If I see it gets trashed and puts in peril my playa camp’s offering, I will have to shut it down!

Basic rules I Kindly ask that you respect:

  • No shoes or outdoors foot paws (keep dust and debris out)

  • Keep your voices down to a whisper (it is a low energy space)

  • No sex (it will mess up the space & bother other guests)

  • No open drinks aka glasses/bottles/booze/sodas (water bottles with lids OK)

  • No trash (leave no trace)

  • No vaping, smoking nor taking drugs inside

  • No drunks (if someone’s too intoxicated to be enjoyable or about to puke, plz kick them out asap)

  • ASK FOR CONSENT before hugging or cuddling someone, and get a clear answer.

The space will be co-located in Nevada camp which will also offer a cuddle space that might be more permissive.

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