2018 Communal Space: The Hookah Lounge

When beasties from all walks of life come to ply wares and play games at the Harvest Moon Country Fair, the one thing they can agree on is that it is really, really HOT. Tails and noses get burned, legs turn to jelly, and so many thirsty tongues loll. The possums wait until the evening to scream at their own ass and the snow foxes bring ice to make the day go sweetly. Some know that reclining on pillows and enjoying the shade with a puff of smoke and good company is the only way for a fur of leisure to spend the hottest hours of the day.

And they are in luck - an unattended lounge awaits any and all creatures, critters, and varmit who just want to sit a spell. The Hookah Lounge is a shade space full of rugs, pillows and sketchbooks 24/7 for relaxing, socializing, and cuddle piles. One hookah apparatus is available as well as some shisha and charcoal but please bring some to share with new and old friends alike.

This lounge is unattended by a host - please enjoy freely and leave the lounge in good order for other furs!


This sounds wonderfully comfy!

Cool! I’ll be doing a hosted hookah & tea, periodically at the yurt by the movie screen – but that’ll be scheduled day-of on the chalkboard at hub.

More fidget toys and fewer pillows than it sounds like yours’ll have. Senoy, I’ll be in your lounge idea-mining for next year :wink:

BTW, mint shishas and iced hookah-water are nice on a hot day.

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