2018 CFT Volunteer Sign-ups!


I can help out in the prepping/cooking in the kitchen on Friday breakfast, as well as dinner prep/serve on Saturday.


Hello @Favlaud !
If you could put me down for kitchen cleaning Friday Dinner, Saturday Lunch, and Sunday Breakfast, that would be awesome.


You can mark me for setup and tear down, as well as cleanup for dinner on Friday and Sunday breakfast cleanup . I will definitely assist other times when I can, but I will make these ones official.


I’ll be helping out with Friday through Sunday kitchen prep/serve/clean shifts like last year Favlaud but you can officially put me in wherever is needed.


I would like to help out and be a GoFur Saturday morning if there’s a slot still open.


I would like to help out with Friday and Saturday morning breakfast prep / serve.



Setup Wednesday 8/1

Dinner prep Thursday 8/2

Lunch prep Friday 8/3

Breakfast prep Saturday 8/4

Breakfast prep Sunday 8/5


Hey, give me that glorious cleaning stuffs on Friday, Sat, Sun breakfasts. Fri/sat PM Gofur too. (Put me in that box again, that was a-okay. Drew lots xD)

Luna would like Sat PM Gofur.


Sign me up for setups and kitchen help on Thursday!


As usual, if I’m there I’ll do what I can in the background. Just don’t depend on me. I tend not to be certain if I’ll show up, or what condition I’ll be in.


I’ll be there for setup and teardown but of course!!

Also I’ll fill the Saturday AM gofur slot as well as a Sunday PM gofur slot.


Hoorah!I want to sign up for Friday Lunch Prep, Saturday Dinner Prep, Sunday Dinner Prep definitely.


Sign me up for Cleaning for Thursday Dinner, Friday Breakfast, Saturday Lunch, and Sunday Lunch.


Like always I’ll be there for set up and break down, I wouldn’t mind being on trash/moop detail as well


I wouldnt mind helping out. I was in staff for texas furry fiesta and blfc. Im great at cooking do if you need help in the kitchen ill gladly lend a hand. I worked as a prep cook for about a year.


put me for cleaning in the kitchen for whatever days u need me



I’ll gladly help with food service and whatever else you might need a hand with, just ask!


can u sign me up for 3-4 days worth of cleaning in the kitchen, ill take every morning cleaning shift thats left.

Noctis skunk wants to help with prep in the kitchen as well, he’s down to do 3-4 days as well


Put me down for Sunday lunch prep and clean, please. Just let me know if I need a food handlers card for prep.