2017 Badge Artwork Submissions Open!

##2017 Badge Art Submissions

Calling all artists: CFT is now accepting artwork submissions for our 2017 printed badge inserts! If you’re an artist interested in submitting a design, please read througth the rest of this forum post for all the important details, including how to format and send us your art.

Deadline for badge submissions is Monday, July 24, 2017 @ 6:00 AM PDT, though you are certainly welcome to send us your artwork sooner if you finish it early!


This year’s theme is “Furry Road,” so post-apocalyptic-themed pieces are highly encouraged! Desert nomads, road warriors, dust storms, explosions, speaker stacks and electric guitars, crazy jacked-up vehicles - and so on, I’m sure you get the idea. :wink:


Please download a template:

-JPEG (flat image):

…and follow the cut/crop/safe area guidelines as shown.

(Note: PSD with layers coming soon!)

Artwork should be “full bleed” – that is, your art or its background should extend all the way to the edges of the solid red CROP LINE (as seen on the template). In a nutshell: you want your artwork to fully cover the RED and GREEN areas of the template, but with understanding that the RED areas may possibly be cut off on the printed badge inserts.

Cut lines will vary slightly from badge to badge, so it’s best to avoid placing any important details you don’t want cut off, like text or signatures, outside the GREEN area.

Here is an example of how this works using one of my own badge submissions from last year:

And here’s how the actual printed badge inserts will be cut/cropped, with attendee name and other CFT stuff printed in white on the a background:

###CFT’s Terms of Use for Artwork Submissions

By submitting artwork to Campfire Tails, you are granting CFT free, non-exclusive, worldwide rights to reproduce and/or modify your original artwork, online and/or in print, for uses including (but not limited to) posting on our website and forums, other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, in printed materials and con swag, and in advertising or other promotions for the event.

If we choose to use your work for publication, we will notify you by email and/or forum PM, and credit you as the artist in the printed materials distributed at the con, and/or online on our website/forum. While we cannot guarantee direct credit can be given on every social media post (due to space constraints), we’ll do our best to credit you upion first use, and thereafter if/when there’s room!

You may request a free contributor’s copy of any printed (or otherwise tangible) item we create that uses your original work:
-If you attend CFT, just ask for your artist’s copy when you register at the convention
-If you are unable to attend, please send us your mailing address and we’ll mail your copy after the con is over.

###File Types

-PSD (Photoshop), TIF, PNG, JPG (Highest Quality only, please!)
-We recommend submissions be 300dpi or higher, and set to RGB color mode.

###Ready to submit your art?

Please email finished artwork submissions or questions to: oce@campfiretails.org

You may send your files either as attachments or external links (dropbox, etc.) Again, the deadline for badge submissions is Monday, July 24 at 6:00 AM PDT.

Along with your artwork files, we welcome you to include the following information about yourself:

  1. Your Name (Real and/or Fan, exactly as you wish to be credited in print and online!):
  2. CFT Forum Username (if you have one):
  3. Website or Gallery URL:
  4. Other Social Media Usernames (for sites like FA, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, etc.):
  5. Any Questions or Comments:

Still have questions? Feel free to ask below in this forum thread, PM me, or send an email to oce@campfiretails.org!

Thank you, and we are excited to see what all you creative folks come up with this year!


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How big should it be? Same size as the layout reference image? It’s only a few inches.

Yep, the full layout template JPEG (1350x1050 @ 300dpi) is the right size: printed art measures about 2"x4" out of the overalll 3"x4" badge size.

You can of course work larger than this if you want to, but it’s not necessary; we’ll be scaling it back down to 2"x4" for our uses anyway!

Hope that answers your question. :slight_smile:

Can you confirm the submission from me? I ran out of high-speed data and I’m not sure the uncompressed version is sending properly.