2016 Ride share/Gear exchange

So as it appears that there hasn’t been a topic started for ride sharing and all that this year I’ll start it off. For anyone that needs to find a ride or has room for someone who is in need please post here. That being said, my friend who is hoping to go needs a ride from Eugene. He said he could make it here by train but would still need a ride from here so if someone has room I would greatly appreciate it if you could give him a ride. I could provide contact info and if accepted I’ll be very generous when it comes to my shaved ice machine this year. :slight_smile:

Something to add to the ride share is: Who is asking for a ride- do they have a ticket- how much stuff does this person have- Day of departure- Day of pick up- where do they live? Thank you! :3

For Ride Sharing

If you need a ride, start a thread for yourself in the Ride Needed category, or reply to an open thread in the Ride Available category. (If you have space available, post there.)

To select the category when starting a new thread, use the drop down box right below where you set the title of your post.

For Gear

Start a thread for what you need or have to offer in the Trading Post. For guidelines regarding that, see About the Trading Post category.