2016 - Fakeman's Post- CFT Limericks

There once was a camp by the creek
Set up for the best of a week
With the people away
And the creatures at play
Where everyone’s really a geek

In the middle of camp there is food
Served by chefs wearing aprons most lewd
With Cuban cuisine
And chili with beans
Where half of the menu is stewed

Everyone brought their own things
Adorned with both feathers and wings
With many a tail
And fur with a fail
As seen in the glorious flings

The interests displayed were diverse
And nary a moment too terse
With drinking and songs
And art brought along
Lovingly lewd and perverse

There’s various things to imbibe
Like beakers with candy inside
With vodka and gin
And decadent sin
And bottles of absinthe beside

There’s music and dancing to spare
Played by musicians with care
With flutes and guitars
All far above par
As they fling crazy tunes to the air

After the sun starts to drop
The party’s beginning to pop
With radiant lights
Far into the night
Without ever needing to stop

In the morning no voices are heard
Save for the songs of the bird
There’s squinting and grumbles
As everyone fumbles
And hangovers deftly deferred

The campfires are tended with care
While the creatures all take shelter there
You could stop and then chat
Or chill with a cat
Or start swapping tales with a bear

It’s scorching and covered in dust
But there’s never a reason to fuss
With barter and trade
A deal can be made
To balm your material lust

There’s even discussions of lewd
Of creatures more oft misconstrued
Of terrible dragons
With tails a waggin’
And looking to pounce on a dude

The staff was all prepped to a Q
Giving campers obscure things to do
From learning to sign
To judging behinds
And random things out of the blue


These are great! I had a good chuckle at the kitchen staff one.