2015 Con shirt AWOL

CFT 2015 con shirt with “Critter” on the back, last seen at showers. Has much sentimental value …

I can confirm it was with the showers when I took mine Monday morning. I left it there hoping you’d retrace your steps because I wasn’t sure there was a lost and found running. I hope it gets returned to you somehow.

Thanks for the comment, at least it was where I thought it was. Unfortunately I didn’t realize it was missing til I got home and did laundry. Hopefully somebody saw it during teardown.

Critter! We have your shirt(s) (there’s also a red panda on an x-wing shirt)! They should be here in Portland with our staff stuff and other lost and found items!

Yay! The panda one’s not mine - but let me know where/when I can pick up the shirt.

Thanks a bunch!

The Red Panda Standing By shirt likely belongs to Groggy Fox, I’ll give him a poke and see if he’s missing his.

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