2015 Charitable Donation

Hi there!

I work on social media for Motor City Furry Convention and am beginning to post positive info /trivia not just about our convention but about furry conventions in general.

As part of this, I am putting together a total of all USA furry con charitable donations for 2015.

I don’t see your total on either wikifur or your webpage.

If you have this info I would love to add your number to my grand total! The graphic we produce will be posted to Twitter and Facebook for everyone to see/share/etc. I think this would be a good bit of PR for furry in general so your participation would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Social Media Specialist
Motor City Furry Convention

There was no charity fundraiser/donation in 2015 or any previous year of CFT, at least as far as I can remember.

Aside from the fact that all our income from registration fees goes to the costs of making the event happen, I think charity fundraising falls under the umbrella of things other cons do that just aren’t a fit for what CFT is. (We don’t have GOH either, for example.)

Quite right, Koinu. :3~

Hi Finster! Boulder, PR Gnoll here. While we don’t have a charity we’re involved with, I’m know there are many other things about CFT that would certainly be post-worthy. Feel free to follow our twitter @campfiretails to start (activity is just starting to spin up with opening of reg).

As for content, what types of info/trivia are you hoping to post outside of the charity example? Would your focus be more toward the charity side of conventions? Or a broader direction?

I’d be happy to take our conversation to e-mail if that is preferred. Looking forward to your contact!

CFT PR Gnoll

It’s all wide open, I’m just taking it where it goes.

The point is to throw out some good juju about furry! I’m certainly open to suggestions.

Sounds good! We’re having a staff meeting soon and we can brainstorm ideas for our content suggestions. I’ll be in contact!