2014 Theme Camp Pre-Planning: Camptire Fails Rain Room and Hookah Lounge!

Hello fuzzies! I’m already clear to attend CFT in 2014, so you can bet your buttholes I’m gonna be there! The location for theme camp is the same one I use each year, and it’s nice and wide open enough for the ideas I have to put into play if enough people care to help!

Mission: Provide a Rain Room with cooling water mist for people to cool off during the day, and convert the room into a hookah lounge at night!

A rain room is a tent that can be found at many festivals in hotter regions that use the simple science of evaporative cooling to create a nice, cold environment for people to people to get out of the heat during the day. The design (Which I’ll need to knock up on sketchup) would be to create a monkey hut with two closed ends that can be rolled up at night. On the inside, we’d hang up a low pressure cooling mist setup like this one we can hook a garden hose up to and run it to one of the camp’s spigots with a splitter at the end. At night we roll up the front and sidewalls. lay out a tarp, some dog beds and break out the hookahs!

Consider this a preliminary check to see who would be interested in helping with this and camping with me here. Including space for the monkey-hut itself, a space for me to cook (I’ll be handling vegetarian meals) there should be room for about 3 other monkey huts to fit in the space! Bonus points for indigenous-looking structures!

So… who wants to camp with me, and help plan and run Camptire Fails?

I wanna camp near you crowley…because with our powers combined…we can do an awesome hookah lounge <3


Dude yes. I’ll help.

Pretty sure Bottle Kids unite under Corgi banner.

Edit: Just realized that would break my streak of being the most helpful not helpful person. I must meditate on the consequences of this action. Either way, if you smoke at the time, I’ll have to have a pack of yours.

Excellente. I have 2 hookahs, a coal tray and a bunch of mouthtips to contribute right off the bat. I’ll probably have a jumbo case of coals as well. I know oki has one. How many do you have, Kazuma?

Which spigot do you plan on using? The one by the showers near the kitchen, the one at the west end near the trail to the waterfall, or the one on the east by the parking lot?
Or the mystery spigot that I might not have noticed? :o

Regardless, this sounds hella swanky and I’m ALL about it.

This would be the sandy clearing directly east of the kitchen/short spigot. While that would be the closest spigot, I’ll likely be using the one east of that, closest to the river/trail to the waterfall. I can add a splitter so it remains usable. I would need to know how long a hose I need though.

This sounds amazing. By that time I should have a decent hookah as well!

I’m in. I’ve missed out on enough camping, smoking and general fun-having, damn it.

I got 1 hookah. and could definately have some sheesha and coals as well. Especially those awesome vapor stones <3 very amazing stuff.