$20 discount for those who volunteered at 2010 CFT

okay so i know its a bit early maybe, but just wanted to “get the idea out there” just so in case it hasn’t been brought up yet. how would the volunteers who worked over 24 get their 20 dollar discount? will a password be mailed to us to enter when we register online? or will we have to pay the whole amount and get either check or cash when we get on site? or how will it work? i volunteered well over the 24 hour mark (did about 36 hours, only was “scheduled” 32, but did stuff before and after, and a couple of shifts “spilled” over longer than i was scheduled). just thought id ask way before hand so any kinks can be worked out before hand instead of the last second.

When reg opens(we’re looking to have reg open and the site live by FC), those who volunteered and worked over 24 will get an email containing a unique url that applies their discount. The link doesn’t expire, but can only be used once so if you or anyone else can’t register right away, just hang onto that email until you’re ready.

i didn’t get an email, but i noticed that registration opening got pushed back from yesturday until next saturday, is this the reason for the pushback/“technical difficulties”?

The delay is because the registration system has been completely re-done for this year, and some difficulties cropped up that prevented its timely completion before we went off to FC.

Also, you actually won’t be receiving any special URL. The new registration system is integrated with the forum, and when you sign in using your forum username and password, any discounts (volunteer, ‘help a friend’, etc…) are automatically applied.

okay thanks :3 i guess i should’ve read this sooner, ive been checking my email kinda frantically to await a webaddress :stuck_out_tongue: