2 pups need a ride from Northern California

I’m Emvee, and my mate is TK. We are 2 male twenty-somethings in Grass Valley, CA. But we can probably meet you somewhere public near our house if you’d like. We can help with gas money; we just hope to save by carpooling.
No fursuits with us; we don’t need much car space.

If you can help, contact me:
EmveeTheDog on Telegram or Twitter
Or a post right here will probably get to me.

Please and thank you,

I’m not sure I can, but what part of northern California, like is it near Redding? I’ll be coming from Utah so I might be able to, but it could also be really out of the way.

Not near Redding. It’s in Nevada City. We could probably meet you somewhere more convinient for you though

I looked up the amount of time it would take to go to Nevada City CA and then up to Oregon it add 6 hours to the trip. So it is something I could do, but I would actually want to stop for a few hours after I picked you up or dropped you off on the way back. So, for you, it would be about 6-7 hours but I would have 16-17 hours of driving. As far as getting there. Nevada City is just off i-80 and is actually the easiest place for me to get to.

Sounds far out of your way, but if you’re willing to do it, that would be amazing. Can we talk the details over Telegram, Twitter, or Text?
(Username: EmveeTheDog)

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