IMPORTANT: Fire Restrictions In 2018

ATTENTION ALL CAMPERS! There will be ADDITIONAL FIRE RESTRICTIONS in place at this year’s event, due to ongoing “extreme fire danger” conditions in Central Oregon.

As of July 24, 2018 the Deschutes National Forest (where CFT takes place) has instituted the following fire bans/restrictions on National Forest land:

  • NO ground campfires, EXCEPT within METAL fire rings at developed campgrounds. (Note: Ogden Group Camp is a developed campground.)

  • NO wood stoves or charcoal briquette fires may be used anywhere.

  • You may ONLY smoke at developed recreation sites, or in areas that have been cleared of ALL flammable materials within a 3’ diameter.

  • Generators may ONLY be operated in the bed of a pickup truck, or in an area at least 10’ in diameter that has been cleared of ALL flammable materials. As always, generator users must also have their own fully-charged ABC-type fire extinguisher on-hand.

Fire Restrictions FAQ:

Q: How will these heightened restrictions affect fires at CFT?

A: The restrictions currently in place mean we WILL NOT be allowed to have ANY ground campfires inside of Ogden Group Camp’s rock fire rings (as we have been allowed to do in years past at the same site). However, we WILL be allowed to have campfires in METAL fire rings, and we are also allowed to operate liquified and bottled gas stoves, propane fire pits and heaters.

Q: Will ANY fires be allowed at CFT this year?

A: Yes! In order to allow our campers to enjoy wood campfires in spite of the heightened restrictions, CFT has purchased six of our own 36" galvanized steel fire rings which we will be distributing throughout the site for campers’ communal use.

Q: Can I bring my own personal propane fire pit or heater?

A: Yes! Propane fire pits and heaters ARE currently still permitted, so if you own (or are willing to buy) your own, you are more than welcome to bring it. Just be sure you observe all of the standard fire precautions: don’t leave them burning unattended, and keep them >10’ away from vehicles, buildings or flammable materials.

Q: If I still want to have a wood fire at my personal campsite, what are my options?

A: We will be providing at least half a dozen 36" metal fire rings throughout the site for communal campfires. However, if your heart is set on having a wood fire at your personal campsite, you may also purchase and bring your own personal metal fire ring. (You can find these for sale online or at various hardware stores, starting at around $50 and up).

Q: Is the Temple Burn still happening this year?

A: Yes, we’ll be doing everything possible to make it happen! (This might include disassembling it first to fit into a metal fire ring, but we will find a safe/legal way to burn it, as long as metal ring fires are still allowed on Sunday of the event.)

Q: What about the smoking restrictions?

As our site is considered a “developed recreation area,” smoking is still allowed. However, if you do smoke we ask that you please use EXTREME CAUTION: be sure to only smoke in areas that are clear of any flammable materials, and NEVER let any burning material, ashes or butts hit the ground (dispose of them ONLY in a metal fire ring, butt can, or personal mint tin “ash tray”).

Please note that fire restrictions and conditions are subject to change at any time! We will do our best to keep you updated about the situation, both online over the next few days and via announcements at camp, so please stay tuned for more information as the situation develops.

Thank you for reading, everyone! Please pass this news along to your friends, and if you have ANY questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask questions in this thread or send me a Forum PM.

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Re: smokers - old Altoids tins make GREAT portable pocket ashtrays if you need somewhere to put your butts before you can get to a trash can!